Black Tea: Hand-Picked Assam (Kanoka Family Estate)

Black Tea: Hand-Picked Assam (Kanoka Family Estate)

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Cultivated according to age-old organic farming practices, without any chemical pesticides, fertilizers in any way - just pure Camellia sinensis tea leaves. (Caffeinated, adaptogen companion tea.)

Steeping Guidelines: 3g (2tsp) | 8oz | 205°F | 1-2min |

Origin: Sonitpur, Assam, India | Flavor Profile: Special hand-picked, full-leaf tea from the Kanoka family farm, this giant among Assam black teas yields deeper and more robust, malty flavors than common, machine-harvested Assam teas. Rich, full body with a fragrant, nutty finish. | PAIRS AND BLENDS WELL WITH FORMULA No.23: ANTI-INFLAMMATORY CHAI

Camellia Teas, particularly green, less oxidized teas, are some of the most powerful 'adaptogen companion" herbs. These are plant medicines that when taken together with adaptogenic herbs, enhance the stress-hormone-balancing, detoxifying, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting health benefits.