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Oolong Tea: Golden Jade (Dong Ding "green" oolong)

Oolong Tea: Golden Jade (Dong Ding "green" oolong)

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Flavor Profile: Named for the famous high mountain of Lugu Twon in Nantou county, ours is the high profile Qingxin cultivar.  It is lightly oxidized & barely roasted, yielding a sweet, grassy and floral flavor with hint of buttered popcorn; a smooth, full body and a color reminiscent of golden jade. Imagine drinking summer sunshine in tall grass | PAIRS WELL WITH FORMULA No.0: Deep Calm and Formula No.20: Ultra Antiviral.

Steeping Guidelines: 3g (1 -2t) | 8oz | 180-198°F | 1 min

Region: Nantou, Taiwan

Farming Style: Cultivated according to age-old organic farming practices, without any chemical pesticides, fertilizers in any way - just pure Camellia sinensis tea leaves.

Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis (CAFFEINATED)

Herbal Actions: Antiviral, Adaptogen companion (enhances adaptogenic effects),Antioxidant, Stimulant and more...

Camellia Teas, particularly green, less oxidized teas, have been clinically found to be some of the most powerful 'adaptogen companion' herbs. These are plant medicines that when taken together with adaptogenic herbs, enhance the stress-hormone-balancing, detoxifying, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting health benefits.