Black Tea: Imperial Red
Black Tea: Imperial Red

Black Tea: Imperial Red

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Flavor Profile: This beloved tea is elegant yet girthy, robust yet sweet, rich and
dark, yet smooth and clean. Deep, chocolate, complemented by floral and honey notes makes this a royal tea indeed! Very comparable flavor to Honey Orchid.  

PAIRS WELL WITH FORMULA No.8: Herbal Coffee, FORMULA No.20: Ultra Antiviral, FORMULA No.23: Anti-inflammatory Chai

Steeping Guidelines: 3g (2t) | 180-200 | 1-2 min | Steep x3+

Region: Fujian Province, China

Farming style: Cultivated according to age-old organic farming practices, without any chemical pesticides, fertilizers in any way - just pure Camellia sinensis tea leaves. The gardens harmonize with the natural climate and ecosystem, allowing native spiders to take care of any pests that might otherwise try to devour the precious tea leaves!

Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis (CAFFEINATED)

Herbal Actions: Antiviral, Adaptogen companion (enhances adaptogenic effects), Antioxidant and more...

Camellia Teas, particularly green, less oxidized teas, are some of the most powerful 'adaptogen companion" herbs. These are plant medicines that when taken together with adaptogenic herbs, enhance the stress-hormone-balancing, detoxifying, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting health benefits.