Formula No.11+: Beautiful Mind (with Green Oolong)

Formula No.11+: Beautiful Mind (with Green Oolong)

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All Organic Ingredients: Green Oolong Tea leaf, Tulsi leaf, Osmanthus blossom, Chaga granules, Ginkgo leaf, Gotu Kola leaf, Makrut Lime leaf, Lemon Balm leaf, Sassafras root bark, Schisandra berry. (caffeine free)

Flavor Profile: Hints of basil, peach, lemon/lime & root spice laid on a bed of smooth, full, floral and grassy green oolong tea. 

Steeping Instructions: 1-2tsp | 8oz | 212˚F | 5-15 min. Best to use spring or filtered water. Bring water to boil, pour over leaves, let steep, strain into drinking vessel. For iced tea, brew strong, let cool, strain over ice. For greater health benefit, steep at least twice. Drink 2 - 6 cups per day for three weeks, take a week off; repeat. (The week off is a general guideline from Russian researchers, to maintain potency of effects on the body.) 

Health Benefits: Like the Daily Balance formula, Beautiful Mind is formulated to benefit the over all balance and healthy functioning for your body's vital systems including adrenal, sexual/reproductive, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, immune and cognitive. Stacked with five adaptogens (Tulsi, Chaga, Ginkgo, Schisandra, Gotu Kola), this formula provides extra potency in their combined anti-oxidant, systems-balancing and immune building support. The addition of green Oolong tea further enhances the potency of the adaptogenic health benefits.

A dream team for helping to quell anxiety, while boosting cognitive and respiratory health/functioning, Clear Lung & Mind is packed with a meticulously formulated combination of herbs. Tulsi (nick-named Queen of Herbs), Chaga (Antioxidant Champion) and Schisandra (Five-Flavor-Fruit) are each touted throughout Eastern and Western medicine as one of the most powerful herbs for all-around health, vitality and longevity, while the more familiar combination of Ginkgo and Gotu Kola, combined with Lemon Balm (adaptogen companion herb) emphasize the memory and focus benefits these champion herbs provide. Osmanthus, a less well-known herb in the West, add to the respiratory, anti-oxidant and detoxifying benefits yielded by the adaptogens, and the culinary giant of Thai cuisine, Thai lime leaf rounds out the crisp and savory flavor of this unique formula. (Special note: Tulsi has been found to clear a mind clouded by use of TCH.)