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Green Tea: Pine Needle
Green Tea: Pine Needle

Green Tea: Pine Needle

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Flavor Profile:

This rare tea is unique to its small, native home in Anhua county of Hunan, China. Delicate and smooth body with elegant notes of stone fruit, honey and fresh cut grass with no bitterness to speak of.

Steeping Guidelines: 3g (2t) | 8oz | 170 F | 45 sec - 1 min | Steep x2+

Region: Anhua county, Hunan province, China

Production: Certified organic and cultivated according to age-old organic farming practices, which never needed  any chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers - just the natural habitat and many generations of practice, perfecting the process. It gets the name "Pine Needle" from the uniquely baked and multi-step twisted leaves that resemble pine needles. It is labor intensive and made for small production, making it all the more special and valuable.

Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis (CAFFEINATED)