WELCOME TO OUR NEW TEA PACKAGING! It is made from 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS and when you run out, you can REFILL IT with the bulk bag options to maintain an elegant and efficient look on your pantry shelf! Look in each product description window for the NEW SIZE OPTION NAMED "REUSABLE PAPER TUBE." Due to varying densities of teas and herbs, some tubes contain heavier net weights than others.

We have had the pleasure of working with Niuka Teas since we opened.  Its incredible seeing the response our customers have when they read through the tea list.  The herbal blends have become our favorite: each one has potent adaptogenic’s that fortify the mind and body, and taste great.  They lift the heart and warm the soul.  Each of the green, black, oolong, and white tea’s have a unique story and profile, and Alexander is a treasure trove of information regarding his tea selection.

Scott Weidert, Heartwood Eatery

Niuka's blended tea is such a lovely addition to my morning ritual of tea and slow-moving activities. Nourishing and perfectly balanced!


I hired NIUKA's Nomadic Tea Lounge to bring a unique experience to my company's emergent conference.  Niuka Tea as a presence elevated our event, particularly set in the middle of a tech/corporate business day! The tea is outstanding and unlike anything I know. What a great option to have in a conference world of coffee, sugary options, and alcohol. I will bring Alex and Niuka tea back whenever I can.

Kelly Gallamore, Honeycomb Corp.

The anti-inflammatory chai is the only tea my husband will drink! He's rather picky, but can't get enough of that blend. Thank you thank you!


“Niuka has helped us with our aim to connect with and nurture our community. Not only do the wonderful adaptogenic teas taste great, we feel grateful to be able to serve them to our customers, knowing that their bodies and their wellbeing will be nourished.

Ashley, Fable Coffee Manager

We appreciate Niuka Tea for its thoughtful gathering of herbs and teas that heal and energize.  The formulations are multi-dimensional and restorative.  Our customers (and our staff) are grateful for Niuka Tea!

Adrionna Fike, Mandela Foods Co-op

NIUKA's Nomadic Tea Lounge for events indoor, outdoor, formal, or feral.

Weddings | Office Parties | Holiday Parties |  Conferences | Festivals | Art Shows | Retreats |  Ceremonies | Birthdays

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Humanitarian aid dropped into the fray of our modern grind

Niuka is dedicated to the craft & purveyance of adaptogenic tea formulas that help us to reconnect to our bodies, our minds, our environment, and to each other.

We believe that tea is not only a healing medicine

it is a shared experience and solitary rite - a ceremony that encourages both community and self-reflection; acceptance and adaptation. It is the holistic combination of these experiences that NIUKA facilitates, through the offering of fine teas and special events.   

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In Japan, I took part in a tea ceremony. You go into a small room, tea is served, and that's it really, except that everything is done with so much ritual and ceremony that a banal daily event is transformed into a moment of communion with the universe.

- Okakura Kakuzo (Author of The Book of Tea)


ancient botanicals found to help the body adapt to stress factors  from external influences and internal imbalance. Not uppers, not downers,  but EQUALIZERS; Their effects accomodate each individual's specific needs in  order to promote homeostasis - internal equilibrium for optimal health.

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