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Collection: Camellia Teas (Single Origin)

Welcome to our customize selection of teas; thoughtfully curated to satisfy an array of palates, moods and seasons. (Check notes at the bottom of our product descriptions to find which caffeinated tea pairs best with which herbal formula.)

Production and sourcing ethics - All our teas are organically grown, by way of fair-trade practices from the farm to your home.

Terminology - What we in the West call "tea" (when we refer to green tea, black tea, white tea, etc) all comes from just one plant: the Camellia sinensis "tea plant." Similarly, what we call "wine" even though there are many different types of wine, all comes from the grape plant. What changes the final product's character (flavor, scent, and effect on the body) reflects the variety of plant, the terroir (soil content and climate), harvest and processing.

Health Benefits - In addition to the antioxidant, skin, lung and blood cleansing effects in their own right - products of the Camellia tea plant are some of the most powerful "adaptogen companion" herbs known to Western Medicine. "Adaptogen compnion" is a clinical term for the category of plant medicines which, when taken together with adaptogenic herbs, enhance the stress-hormone-balancing, detoxifying, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting health benefits.

Caffeine - All the leaves of the tea plant contain caffeine; its level of caffeine just depends on how quickly the type of tea infuses into the water. Less oxidized and processed teas like white and green take longer to infuse their caffeine, whereas more oxidized and processed teas have less plant matter for the water to break down, therefore the caffeine is infused more immediately into the water, providing a liquor of tea, which is more highly concentrated with caffeine.

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  • Oolong Tea: Golden Jade (Four Seasons "green" oolong) - FRESH SUMMER HARVEST!
  • Green Tea: Jasmine Essence (traditional process/no perfumes or oils) - FRESH SUMMER HARVEST!
  • Green Tea: Pine Needle - Fresh Spring Harvest!
  • White Tea: White Peony (Premium) Fresh Spring Harvest!
  • Green Tea: White Jade (Chinese Gyokuro) Fresh Spring Harvest!
  • Green Tea: Gunpowder - Fresh Spring Harvest!
  • Oolong Tea: Amber Jade (Wu Yi medium roast)
  • Black Tea: Yunnan Golden Tips (Old Growth Trees)
  • Black Tea: Golden Monkey
  • Black Tea: Honey Orchid (Premium Grade)
  • Puerh Tea: People's Puerh
  • Puerh Tea: Sifu Puerh
  • Puerh Tea: Imperial Puerh
  • Puerh Tea: Gold Leaf (Pressed Cakes and Tuochas) (Old Bush)