Fresh Summer Harvest Golden Jade green oolong and Jasmine Essence are BACK IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!


The Nomadic Tea lounge - wow!!! I didn't know what to expect but this may have
been one of our favorite activities. Alexander was funny and quirky and nice and
so incredibly knowledgeable. I wasn't a huge tea drinker but between his
presentation and his blends, I am a fan! Honestly, I can't say enough good things
about Alexander and his team.

⁃    Google Event Coordinator

NIUKA's Nomadic Tea Lounge provides enchanted spaces where guests can relax and feel inspired to  connect with the moment. It is an interactive space that enriches location decor and promotes natural engagement among guests. Part installation, part hospitality, part performance and part education in health, culture and history, the tea lounge is modular and adapts to a diverse array of people and settings; indoor or outdoor, formal or casual.  


Our standard, base size lounge is 10'x10' custom fit to your space. It comes complete with vintage rugs and tea ceremony by one knowledgeable and gracious host. Selected teas draw from NIUKA's line of gourmet-level, single origin Camellia teas, and our own signature herbal tea formulas. For larger parties, multiple hosts can be hired and the size of the tea lounge increased to accommodate your particular scale. We work with you to establish the most appropriate iteration of the Nomadic Tea Lounge, which best fits your event's needs and desires.

Corporate Events | Team Building | Conferences | Tea & Tech | Weddings 

Yoga/Wellness Retreats | Art Shows | Private Gatherings

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I hired NIUKA's Nomadic Tea Lounge to bring a unique experience to my company's emergent conference. 

NIUKA Tea as a presence elevated our event,
particularly set in the middle of a tech/corporate business day!

The tea is outstanding and unlike anything I know. What a great option to have in a conference
world of coffee, sugary options, and alcohol.

I bring Alex and Niuka tea back whenever I can.    
 - Marketing Manager at Honeycomb Corp.