Collection: Herbal Tea Formulas

Unique tea formulas using organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, combining standout flavors with powerful health benefits. Our teas are designed to help regulate stress, detoxify the body and maintain that ever-shifting sweet spot of relaxed vitality and inspired focus.

ADAPTOGENS are ancient botanicals found to help the body adapt to stress factors from external influences and internal imbalance. Their effects accommodate each individual's specific needs, in order to promote homeostasis - internal equilibrium for optimal health. Detoxifying | Antioxidant | Anti-inflammatory | Stress Regulating | Immune Boosting
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  • ***NEW PRODUCT!!*** Formula No.20: Ultra Antiviral
  • Formula No.0: Deep Calm
  • Formula No.1: Daily Balance
  • Formula No.23: Anti-inflammatory Chai
  • Formula No.8: Herbal Coffee
  • Formula No.1+: Daily Balance plus White Peony Tea
  • Formula No.23+: Anti-inflammatory Chai (with Assam black tea)