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Collection: Easy Tea Tools

Tea tools to help you make high quality loose tea a natural and easy part of your daily life.

The use of these tools takes practically the same amount of time to prepare as the use of pre-bagged tea sachets.

How/when to use each tool:

"Fillable Tea Sachets" when you're on-the-go. Simply scoop the loose tea into the sachet, pull the draw string and drop in your go-cup.

"Single Cup Infuser" when you just want one cup at a time. Simply scoop the loose tea into the infuser, set in your cup and add water.

"Hand Strainer" when you make a pot. Just drop the loose tea directly into the pot and add water. This allows the tea to float free and fully unfurl in the pot. When it is done steeping, you catch the plant matter mid-stream with the hand strainer.

Multiple Infusions: Most teas are good for at least two infusions, so whichever tool you use, consider trying a second or third infusion of the tea and see how far it will go. Even as the flavors and colors become more mild, you continue to take in any trace of medicine left in the plant matter and enjoy sweet flavored, warm water, which aids with digestion and hydration.

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  • Easy Draw-string Tea Sachets - Pack of 100
  • Single Cup Infuser (with lid)
  • Hand Strainer