Fresh Summer Harvest Golden Jade green oolong and Jasmine Essence are BACK IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!

Collection: Fresh Spring Harvest Teas!

Plucked off the bush in April, this year's green and white teas are exceptional - alive with flavor and vitality!

Green and White teas are particularly desirable soon after harvest, when the freshness and vitality of the garden is still dripping off the leaves.

They are also the most cooling teas, whether served hot or chilled, ideal for the warmer seasons.

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Here at NIUKA Tea & Botanicals, we source our single origin Camellia teas according to set standards: 1. Only teas that are grown 100% organic or sustainably wild harvested. 2. Only teas from small farms where the farmers and staff work in humane conditions and are properly compensated. 3. Fresh leaves of top quality flavor and "life force."
Our liaison in China is in the fields and the processing warehouses to make sure the quality and integrity of production is maintained, and working close with the farmers both to share information from them and to share information about the tea industry with them, ensuring they receive the best possible prices for their invaluable teas.

Many teas you may buy are mixed from different farms. Our teas are truly "single origin" because they each hail from just one small farm, ensuring quality and unique character.

If you align with these values, we hope to supply you for years to come!
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  • Green Tea: White Jade (Chinese Gyokuro) Fresh Spring Harvest!
  • Green Tea: Pine Needle - Fresh Spring Harvest!
  • White Tea: White Peony (Premium) Fresh Spring Harvest!